Nat (winger7) wrote,


  • The time Elly, Zit and Tsai came to my house last year one rainy day and we did lots of cool things and took cool pictures, sadly elly's cam spoiled.

  • The time when everbody agreed to watch sleague with me only to have everybody pull out last minute (except debbie and denise)

  • The time me, debbie and denise went to watch an S League match and we were in Manchester United jerseys but it was still really cool

  • The time we stayed over at Faith's house for cheerleading and I watched people paint their nails

  • The time when 16 people tried to squeeze into one neoprint booth in J8. Only to find after inserting the 7th $1 coin that the machine was spoilt..

  • The time that I sprained my tendon and Vanessa was so nice and iced it for me and treated us to mineral water.

  • The time when we won Inter house soccer and I was incredulously happy.

  • The time I screwed up physics prac and feeling down, Denise was just there for me and we went to BK and when we were going home we saw David Yeo!

  • The time when I called Faith up today and said "Hello! This is a prank call!"

  • The time when we stuck weird stuff under the OHP.

  • The time when we hid in the class cupboards and scared the socks out of the teachers

  • The time when we completely disoriented to classroom so that the chairs faced the blackboard and listened to ms tay tell us about flabby teachers.

  • The time Faith and Wenyi edited the powerpoint on Ms Tay's slides and signed off as 411.

  • The time when strangers would want to take pictures with us for no reason, and gina said "Maybe its cos we're natives"

  • The time when elly,debbie,gina, wenyi were being vain and sticking flowers into their hair, I stuck a twig into mine.

  • The time when I was having a fling with Mr. 'Fletcher' and Debbie,Wenyi, Elly would read my messages.

  • The time when we cut across the basketball courts while running during PE only to get caught by Ms. Goh and run one more time.

  • The time in Sec 2 when Xin yu stuck a rubber chicken on the door to scare Madam Loy.

  • The times when we had to stay up late/ camp in school for all the robotics competitions.

  • The times that we always ended up freaking out because something would go wrong with our robot anyway.

  • The time we had to dance under the MTV screen outside Heeren on Urban Hike

  • The time I made my juniors try and catch fish in the Takashimaya pond/take pictures with shuaiges outside Far East/promote the EZ link card/ask for popcorn at Lido for Urban hike

  • The time that we learnt what murphy's law really meant. "Whatever can go wrong. WILL (indeed) GO WRONG."

  • The times in the canteen when we'd sit at the GEPsters bench and just chat.

  • The times in the library when we'd attempt to mug then chat and annoy the rest of the people in the library.

  • The time when Faith wanted to borrow a fiction book from the library, only to find that sec 4s are banned from borrowing fiction books.

  • The time when I pwnzed everybody at monopoly and they all quit.

  • The time when we went to watch dodgeball going in there thinking that it would be a fun family show... and the many times we watched movies together.

  • The time I edited the lyrics of "All the small things" to "All the small trees" and the whole class sang it, we got 3rd and we got 2 bags of OREOs for it

  • The time me and Debbie stayed back to do the racial harmony booth without a single material, but yet made it ever so cool :).

  • The time at racial harmony day when we had a cleansweep of all the prizes.

  • The time when I got to name my floorball and football team Sandcastle United (secretly to mock Newcastle but nobody knew..)

  • The time when I wanted to buy Saviola for 25 million and set up a buy Saviola fund. Denise kindly donated 10 cents.. (I should refund her)

  • The time Cihan was crazy over Ronaldo (the ugly one) and I sent her a post card saying "I won the world cup love Ronaldo"

  • The time World Cup was the craze and we would draw flags all over.

  • The time in Sec 1 when we played water bombs and basketball with Ms. Lina Tan

  • The time we had to paint the backdrop for Greek Myths production and it turned out really nicely

  • The time when gina would write "hua guo shan shuai lian dong mei hou wang qi tian da sheng sun wu kong" on my maths worksheets and Mrs. Bala would get real mad with our group

  • The times our teachers said stupid things

  • "I grew fatter by 2 km" -- Mrs Quah

  • "Resistor draw box lah! Then what! Draw flower ah!" -- Mrs Quah

  • "I was in a romantic mood" -- Mrs Quah

  • "you brush away your teeth" -- Ms Neo

  • And the tons of quirkiness from Mrs Bala of course..

  • The times our teachers bring us to computer labs to do work and we always end up blog surfing or playing games

  • The time we had to search for what K stands for .. Kurugulasigamani and walked up and down the entire carpark trying to figure out some wacko clue.

  • The times when we would talk about football in the morning especially on Mondays.

  • The time when Diana & Debbie came over to watch FA cup and United won fair and square but Diana was sore and said the referee was biased.

  • The times Diana would oggle at Freddie Ljungberg's underwear poster even though its so damn gay.

  • The time when Diana will see the Arsene Whiner picture I sent her, but she hasn't checked her email yet.

  • The time when we all used to be so enthu about house and school cheers and could go really low and loud

  • The time I learnt how to make a double star during farwell assembly rehearsals

  • The time I also learnt how to shoot from a gun rubber band during the same rehearsal.

  • The same time when Mel, Me, Diana started shooting each other and later Mel tried to shoot Hanyin twice, but ended up shooting random innocent victims.

  • The time Faith got me a cool pearly football in sec 2 for my birthday, and i liked it so much it turned black within the next few months

  • The time they were showing Singapore Idol and Tsai liked "E I EI O" and Eunice liked Dwayne, and they spent their time in the morning surfing sites about them even though we had prac a while later.

  • The time when I said "If Greece really wins Euro I'll jump off a building" and I did jump off a building.

  • The time when everybody used IRS blocks for studying and my class went to watch Matrix together in the library

  • The time I was in girls brigade and went crazy over polishing boots

  • The time Debbie really believed that I missed my stop

  • The time Debbie ate all the cheese in the can at pastamania and I just watched her go.

  • The time at GEPster day when we got to skip flag day just to do some lame road marshling but at the same time was public enemy #1 because of the shirts we wore

  • The time I just couldn't write everything because there are too many memories.

  • The time I met all you guys who've made these memories possible.
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